How to make love to a virgin

A lot of men find it extremely difficult making love to a virgin. This article titled “How to make love a virgin” was prompted by a mail I got from my one of my email subscribers. This is the email below -

“I am about to settle down with my long time girlfriend. The first time we tried to make love together, she complained of pains – she could not bear it. Now that we are about to get married, sex is inevitable. What should I do to ease the pain? Thanks you for your anticipated response”

Here is the response I sent to him. I hope this helps you as well.

For starters, there is no substitute to foreplay when making love to a virgin and to any woman as the case may be.

The two of you should caress each other’s body. Touch her nipples slightly and lovingly. It should not be roughly fondled, but faintly touched as a feather touches the skin. Your bride should let you know whenever you do something that excites her. This will encourage her to be more relaxed and have a lovingly attitude towards sex and you. By being gently and loving with her, she will be convinced that you care for her feelings and that you are not selfish.

Foreplay should continue for about 30 minutes or more. A virgin needs a longer time than a more sexually experienced lady. However, you should understand that women. Regardless of age and sexual orientation take a longer time to get into the mood for sex and lovemaking.
Through constant practice, you will be able to know when she will be ready for vaginal penetration. It is therefore advisable that you continue to caress her clitoris (with a trimmed nails and clean fingers) and the tips of the virginal and try to feel any wetness. When you notice virginal wetness, this is a sign she is ready for penetration with your erect penis.

Remember to always insert the penis gently and in a loving manner. Do not rush in. Do not embark on rigorous thrusting immediately. This will only decrease arousal and excitement. Build the momentum gently. Better still; let her take charge of inserting your penis into her vaginal. This will prevent inserting it in the wrong angle.
Being a virgin, she will need some light caressing at the clitoris even after penetration. This will greatly reduce her pains and quicken her orgasm.

Continue caressing her even after she had reached orgasm and whisper some loving words to her.

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