How to Make Love To A pregnant woman

A lot of couples do not have a clue how to make love when the woman is pregnant. You need not starve yourself of the enjoy of sexual intimacy because you are expecting a baby. You should still be able to enjoy the pleasure and joy of intimate lovemaking. You only need to be more careful and mindful of your condition. In this article titled "How to make love to a pregnant woman" i will explain how you can still have sex together and enjoy it to the fullest.

A lot of people think lovemaking during pregnancy can be dangerous. There is the believe that active penetrative intercourse during pregnancy could endanger the health of the baby. Is this correct or just mere fallacy? Well we will find out in a moment.

Couples expecting a baby can enjoy sex even during pregnancy by engaging in a more comfortable position during sex. This will help prevent the discomfort that is usually associated with sex during pregnancy.

If you can prevent such discomfort then your wife will be more willing to make love to you.

The most important thing is that the couples should engage in more romance and oral sex. Emphasis should be placed on how touch, kisses and other form of erotic fun. If you are very familiar with the erogenous zones of your wife, then it will be easy to make her have orgasm even without penile penetration of the vagina.

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Here are some very comfortable and sweet sexual positions to adopt during pregnancy.

1. During the first 3 months of pregnancy - Adopt the missionary position. This is the most common sexual position adopted by couples all over the world. This is when the man lies on top of the woman while supporting his weight with his arms or elbow.
She spreads her leg wide apart while the man penetrates her. If the woman is pregnant,it is advisable the man supports his frame with his elbow. This will prevent any form of weight resting on the woman's tummy.

Husbands must bear in mind not to penetrate too deeply. try to stoke the clitoris with the head of the penis. Then penetrate gently and inch by inch. No forceful penetration please.

2. During the last three months of pregnancy, any form of penetration from the back will be appropriate. This sex position makes the vagina shorter and tighter. So you will woman will feel fuller and experience more sensations even without full penetration. Do not engage in full thrusting.

The two positions explained above will help the couple experience the enjoy of lovemaking without harming the baby. Remember not to engage in any adventurous position. Reserve your wild adventurous spirit til after birth.

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